The Delineator and Accumulator Subscrption Information

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Delineator Basics    Accumulator Basics


We offer the Delineator and Accumulator software programs for $199 a month each.  You also will need to purchase a data feed to power the system and that is provided by a 3rd party vendor for $74 a month for non-professional users and slightly more for pro users because of the exchange fees.  The $199 a month also includes email support which you will need during the first several months while you learning how to use the software.  If you are interested in getting the software, please let me know.



The Delineator looks like this below.  The top graphic is the main screen.  It has a lot of features, too many to list but you can see most of them just by looking at the image below.  You can operate in multiple timeframes and there is a decision model built into the program that issues long and short signals.




The SPY trade window above generates and list signals.  The Delineator Stats window on the right calculates the signal weight levels needed to generate a slope change on the Primary or the Secondary.




The Accumulator shown below is the tape reading program and is designed to fit in with the Delineator to identify buying or selling pressure as well as several other indicators.  It can read the tape five different ways.  Used with HFT Alert, the Accumulator will tell you whether the algo spikes shown on HFT Alert are buy or sell spikes.  The Accumulator MUST be run from the open each day in order to collect the data.  There is no historical data available for the accumulator because it derives this information from the tape ONLY when the tape is live.  If you miss a day it will take a few hours to catch up.  It must be run each and every day from the open to the close to maintain a full database of information. I have data available for SPY and a few other symbols that I can provide if you miss a day but unless you run the Accumulator daily it won't be of much help to you because of the holes in the data.  





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